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Online Calligraphy Tutoring

Study at your own pace with mentorship from Azim, a recognised Arabic calligrapher in the UK. 1 year online coaching.

Work through the Thuluth Meshk workbook and submit your lessons each time

Recieve a pen, ink vial, scanned copy of the workbook, and paper to get started straight away

Submit your work via email and recieve marking and feedback each week

Attend a class in Edinburgh once a month to benefit from one-to-one instruction

Ask questions and get one-to-one assistance from Azim whilst you learn calligraphy at your own pace

Direct access to a calligraphy mentor for a whole year, with live classes worth a total of £480

Your Investment

If you enrol today you will get 1 year of complete access to tutoring services. If the course develops and more modules are added on such as pre-recorded live video demonstrations, you will get complete access to these at no additional cost as soon as they are available


1 year of mentoring
Online classes
Essential tools
Weekly corrections
Meshk by Shawqi Efendi
Direct access
Monthly in-person class