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What I do in a nutshell


Our list of services


Bespoke, professional logo design for your project/business. Azim has had 10+ years of experience in branding. Logo suite provided to you in SVG, PNG in dark and light variations.

Bespoke Calligraphy

Commission a personalised work of art in any size with the choice of traditional ink on paper, or paint on canvas

Interior Design

I can consult for any interior design project that requires Arabic calligraphy, geometrical patterns


I’ve traveled round the UK to perform live calligraphy and teach beginners workshops

Logo Design

My logo design service includes unique logo design based on a specified brief. It can be Arabic or English themed and include Arabic calligraphy.
Final files supplied are in vector format (SVG) for printing and online use. You will recieve a logo suite with all files and also a brand guide which explains exactly how to position your logo and brand on the web, in print and media.

The actual cost of the logo will be finalised and agreed beforehand and is dependent on the project brief. A 50% deposit is paid at the start of the project and the rest on completion.

Pricing typically starts at £400.


I run workshops for all age groups, and have done so for several years now. I’ve had the pleasure to work with younger students, university students, working professionals. Some of my clients include The Trainline, and The Police.

Teaching a workshop is more hands on for myself and the attendees, and requires a lot more prep time that doing a demonstration or live calligraphy.

Typically, workshops start at 2 hours and are costed around £400 as a starting price. 20-30 people can attend comfortably. All materials are provided for use at the workshop; pens, inks, paper, workbook.

If you’d like to discuss a workshop with your group, students or company, please get in touch and we can discuss.


I can attend events to do live demonstrations of calligraphy. Usually I’m writing names or giving a talk on the history of calligraphy. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the SPMA (Scottish Police Muslim Association). Costings for events of this nature start at £250 for 2 hours. All materials are provided by me, I only need a table to sit at.

Bespoke Calligraphy

I can create custom calligraphy work with Ink on paper or paintings.
Cost of commissions are always bespoke and based on the specification.

Average prices based on size:

A3 – Starting at £200
A2 – Starting at £400
A1 – Starting at £600
The final cost of commissions has to be determined based on specification.

Things which influence cost:


The actual size of the final work influences the cost.


Creating bespoke compositions, like arranging the calligraphy to fit within a shape – developing a unique composition carries it’s own cost.
The amount of calligraphy used and the detail will affect the cost, even if it is a smaller piece. For example, fewer words written large could be cheaper than many words written smaller.


Gold leaf is the most costly material which can be used in commissions, although it’s usually used quite sparingly, it can influence the cost if a large amount is used. This will be calculated before hand.


Traditional ink work on paper is typically more costly than painted work on canvas or board. This is because the paper prep time and finishing is longer. If the work is to be mounted then creating a mount board is a time consuming process and incurs additional costs.