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I took part in the first ever Edinburgh Arab Festival on the 28-29th of August 2015. It was a truly inspiring experience which saw me side by side with some incredibly talented calligraphers. I was able to learn from them as well as be entertained by their skill. Now I have a great vision for where I want to take Calligraphy for the future, and the type of art that I want to create.

The photograph show Abaoubida Mohamed, and Jawdat Kadhim further away. They both shared the space with me along with Asim Khoger, who has since become a good friend. Jawdat is a Calligrapher from Iraq and Abaoubida is from Morocco. Since then I’ve been in touch with Jawdat for advice and help.

Abaoubida has amazing skill with the Moroccan style and was writing names on A2 sheets of paper, using a variety of colours and shapes. Jawdat is a more traditional artist, who was writing names in the most praised of styles; Thuluth.

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